Roberta Nelson is a foodie with her heart set on improving the way we all experience food.

Combining her background in nutrition with her public health expertise, Roberta is using every mouthful to help the world be a healthier, happier, more sustainable place.

Food has the power to shape the health of the individual, the community and the globe making it a powerful tool for positive change.

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From little things

Roberta started her career working in a food store while studying naturopathy and nutrition. Her love for fresh produce and seasonal food started here where she began to see what good, fresh and local food actually means to people.

After completing her degree in naturopathy, Roberta went on to practice in a clinical setting, helping young women tackle personal health concerns including mental health, fertility and digestive issues. One thing became very clear in this one-on-one setting and that was that many people were not equipped with the basic nutrition understanding to be able to take control and manage their own health, ongoing.


This fact fuelled Roberta when she went on to complete her Masters of Public Health before completing an internship at the World Health Organisation headquarters in Geneva to equip herself with the tools she needed to make nutrition more accessible for everyone.

Roberta has now returned to Melbourne and joined the team at Sandro Demaio Foundation, a start-up public health foundation focussed on developing innovative and disruptive solutions to Australia’s health challenges, using food as the tool.


Simply by eating well we can live longer, enjoy better health, save money and have a deliciously tasty life

—Sandro demaio Foundation


Big things grow


Alongside her work in the public health space, Roberta has appeared in publications including Broadsheet, Frankie, Yoga213’s blog and I Quit Sugar. She is also Blackmores’ in-house recipe developer - contributing nutritious and delicious recipes to their blog for readers to enjoy.

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Not many things on this Earth are common among all people. No matter where you are going or where you have been, food is a common language everyone speaks. That is pretty powerful.

- Roberta Nelson


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