Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine entails the use of botanicals to evoke a beneficial therapeutic response for patients. Herbal medicine has similar activity within our bodies as allopathic pharmaceuticals however they can tend to be a more gentle, well-tolerated option with wider safety parameters. Herbal medicine has made leaps and bounds in the evidence-based medicine world over the last decade but it should not be disregarded that herbal medicine has a very strong traditional usage history that proves its effectiveness as much as scientific studies. 




Clinical Nutrition 

Clinical nutrition is a powerful form of therapy that can be used solely on its own or work in conjunction with herbal medicine to create synergistic healing for you. Nutritional deficiencies lead to a number of symptoms which can make us more susceptible to disease and illness. By detecting these deficiencies, the cause can be addressed ameliorating symptoms permanently. It can also provide powerful support during pre-conception and is pivotal to supporting both males and females through pregnancy and birthing. Furthermore, clinical nutrition can also be used purely therapeutically in the absence of deficiency to provoke healing processes proven in scientific trials. 


Investigations and Diagnostic Testing 

Roberta works collectively with Nutripath and Healthscope to provide functional investigations beyond that offered by your GP. Each patient will be assessed individually and where appropriate and required, testing can be organised however these are at your expense and are not eligible for medicare rebates. Standard testing requirements will also be assessed and if necessary, you will be referred to your GP to carry these tests out. Roberta supports open communication between your primary care practitioners and allied health practitioners and will partake in all integrative care-plans if required. 

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