Naturo Medico's Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

With Christmas less than a week away, the race is on to get all the gifting sorted yet chances are you haven't even thought about what you're going to buy Auntie Susan nor care to think about it with 2017's deadlines looming. So, I've put together some of my favourite last minute 'health and wellbeing' focussed gift ideas that I have been resorting to this year that are easy to get your hands with little to no time. 

Essential Ingredient Gift Box

Perfect for the foodie

I received this gift recently and it blew me away. Essential Ingredient, based in Australia, offers pre-made hampers full of fun and exciting ingredients that your receiver might never have used before. From raspberry vinaigrettes to hand blended dukkah and all the truffled salt in between, if you have a foodie to buy for then this gift has you covered. 

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A Keep Cup

Perfect for your KK

Everyone should use a Keep Cup to help eliminate the waste build up caused by our avid love for coffee. Keep Cups are specifically designed for baristas to use, they come in glass and BPA-free plastic varieties and can be customised to suit your receiver's colour palette too. You've run out of time to buy these online from the Keep Cup website but you can still find a stockist near you who will happily sort you out.  

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A Dumbo Feather Subscription

Perfect for the do-gooder

Dumbo Feather's tagline is 'conversations with extraordinary people' and that's exactly what this magazine gives. You cannot help but feel empowered, inspired and humbled reading the stories of the people who contribute countless hours of energy to our communities to make our world a better place. An ongoing subscription can be bought in a few easy steps online and Dumbo Feather's team sorts out the rest. 

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A Salus Body Gift Set

Perfect for the bath lover

Salus is a Melbourne-based bath and body brand dedicated to creating spa-quality products out of the most natural, Australian ingredients. They've cleverly put together packs designed for different wants and needs making it easy for you to just look, click, buy and have it delivered straight to your door. Better yet, postage is free over $30. 

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Bliss Bites by Kate Bradley

Perfect for the healthy eater 

Do you have a gluten-free/health food lover/fancy snacker on your gifting list? Kate Bradley of Kenko Kitchen's new book 'Bliss Bites' is the perfect gift to satisfy their needs. It's packed full of ways to make delicious yet wholesome snack foods from sweet to savoury and some are even designed for pooches! Booktopia are currently selling it for a great price of only $16.75 and lucky for you they are still sending out deliveries to arrive at your door before Santa does. 

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Ayu Scented Oil

Perfect for your mother, lover or fragrance fiend 

These Vedic inspired perfume oils are elegant and enticing whilst remaining to be completely natural and not overbearing. With globally sourced ingredients hand-blended in Australia, each scented oil is formulated from organic jojoba and traditional Ayurvedic herbs, and imbued with a rich and heady scent making them the perfectly indulgent gift to give someone very special in your life. 

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A Suku Home Robe

Perfect for the lounger

Made from the softest bamboo rayon from Suku's home in Bali, these robes are the comfiest way to start and end (or even do your day). They've just restocked at No Order Market in Melbourne for all of those people who still have time to get themselves into town to collect last minute gifts. 

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An ASRC Donation

Perfect for that one who wants nothing at all 

The ASRC works tirelessly to support those seeking asylum and refugees. Their workload this year has been dramatically increased due to the issue on Manus Island meaning extra support is needed and very appreciated. So if you have someone who has nothing on their list and would really prefer a donation to be made, send some money to the ASRC on their behalf. Or donate to any charity near and far as there are plenty of people out there experiencing far less than a merry christmas this year. 

Donate to the ASRC

I hope you have a very merry Christmas filled with lots of love, food and family. 

Roberta at Naturo Medico