Carob Coconut Truffles

Those little bliss balls that are in every cafe and made by every date-obsessed individual just got a revamp. A revamp that makes them even better for you, cheaper to make and a little more realistic for those who don't load their pantries with all things goji and inca berries. 

The base of these truffles is sweet potato. An easily accessible and reasonably cheap ingredient. The good thing about this is that is drops the sugar content of these balls right down because although dates are a good food, they do contain a large amount of sugar that a lot of us do not need. To give you a visual, 100 grams of dates (around 10 dates) contains around 12 teaspoons of sugar whereas 100 grams of sweet potato contains just 1 teaspoon. Much better! So yes, dates are great and very nutrient-dense but they should not be eaten in large amounts as they become just as bad as junky, processed foods if sugar-intake is what you're trying to control. 

So back to the truffles, they contain a good source of healthy fats from the coconut which is important for hormonal balance and blood-sugar regulation. The sweet potato also delivers a good amount of vitamin A which is important for the appearance and integrity of your skin. They are free of nuts and caffeine making them suitable for pregnant women, young children, those avoiding caffeine and those with nut allergies. They are an all-round winner and tasty treat which are moorish when eaten cool, straight from the fridge. 


1 cup of sweet potato, mashed 

3 tbsp coconut oil 

2 tbsp coconut cream 

2 tbsp carob powder (or cacao if you are okay with caffeine)

1 tspn vanilla essence or powder


1. to make the mash, roast a whole sweet potato in foil for around 40 minutes until tender and cooked through. Peel and mash with a fork in a bowl or blitz in your food processor. 

2. add the other ingredients to your bowl or food processor and combine until smooth (this takes longer if you're doing it by hand!) 

3. roll the mixture into balls (you should get around 8 balls) and then roll each ball in a layer of carob powder to get a truffle like coating 

4. place in an airtight container and store in the fridge to set overnight. Keep in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy them. 


  • you can also add some fine desiccated coconut to the mixture if you feel like it. This can also replace the use of carob or cacao (use in equal amounts) 
carob coconut truffles

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